Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need an account?
This site is for Veteran organizations, so we require a membership to restrict access and provide account customizations.
Is there a fee for joining?
No, there are no fees for joining.  We do require that you be an employee or member of a Veteran organization.
Why do you only support Veteran organizations?
We are a Veteran owned company, it is important to us to to continue to support our fellow Veterans and Vet Cards is one of those ways.
What is a Veteran organizations?
A Veteran organization is a company who's primary operation is helping or providing services to Veterans, or who members are made up of only Veterans.
Why do you offer free professional designs for Veteran organizations?
This is one of our ways of giving back and supporting our fellow Veterans.
Do you support all Veteran organizations?
Our goal is to support all Veteran organizations.  If you are a member, employee, or know of an organization not currently on our list of supported organizations, you can request to add it here.
Are you a Government approved Vendor?
Yes, our company Velocity Services is approved and listed in the government Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system.  We are also listed in a number of federal, state, local, and regional government purchasing systems.

If we are not in your your system, just contact us so we can provide you with the necessary information for adding us.
Do you accept Government purchasing cards?
Yes we do accept Government purchasing cards.  Also purchases that do not exceed $3K are considered "micro-purchases".  These purchases allow you to pay using your government card without the need to obtain competitive quotes.